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Students FAQs

You can simply register with your google account.
In skill time we upload contests and you can select your favourite category in that and by payment process you can participate on contest.
All aged students can participate in skill pundit contest.
We are the first one who recognizes the hidden talents in each and every person in our country Ex: farmers also get certified for their work.
After winning the contest students can download their certificates with star ratings.
Children can improve their communication skills and also people with different categories can show their talent.
You can find the real talent of the India with this site because every individual is show their talent in every where in the country.
No, It is not a government website.
To make people of India as experts in each and every subject in all regions.
Our website contain the information related to India and world and general topics like reasoning, science, computer etc.
Technical category consist of categories like Mechanic, Electrician, Plumber, carpenter and etc..
General Category is refers to Education.
Non technical category is something like accountancy, administration or marketing and sales or simple office functions etc..
Skill pundit is working to publish talent in every individual Person.

Teachers FAQs

Teacher can easily login to SkillPundit by filling the registration form.
By the process of phone interview Teachers can get approval by Skillpundit team.
In the menu bar we have a section i.e, Contact form there you can contact our team easily.
Teacher cannot be add students.
A student can follow any number of teachers.
Admin will verifies the teacher profile.
No contests for a teacher but students follow the teacher with more student followers the teacher displayed at top list.
This site mainly focus to connect teachers with their students and also it empower the student skill.
There is no payment for registration of a teacher.
No, There is no certification for teachers.
This site contains lots of information related to studies,contests etc.
There is no age limit to enrollment for a teacher.
Teacher has to again contact with our team and must take a phone interview.
Yes definitely there will be appreciation for Teacher for more students in the way of star rating.
Any one can participate in skill pundit. It is the best place to show case your skills and talent.

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