Imports and Exports

Structure of export helps us to know the different types of goods that a country exports. The export of India is divided into two types. They are traditional and non-traditional (modern).

The production of imported commodities inside a country to reduce import is known as import substitution. More is in the production of the substitute of import, the Jess in dependence on foreign market and import.

The major exports from India are engineering goods, refined petroleum, gems, jewelry, chemicals, agricultural products and textiles.

The major Indian imports were crude petroleum, gold, coal briquettes, diamonds and petroleum gas.

As we know that India produces just 20% crude oil of its requirement and rest 80% is imported from abroad. Crude oil and other related products accounts for around 22% total import bill of India. The second spot is acquired by the capital goods (machinery, base metal, transport equipment) which accounts for 19.2% of the total Indian imports. The third spot is secured by the import of gems and jewellery (16.8 percent of the total imports), fourth and fifth spot is secured by the chemical & related products (12.7%) and electronic goods (11.4%) respectively.

In the financial year 2017-18, growth of imported items like gems and jewellery, ores and minerals and electronic goods was around 50%, while petroleum & lubricants grown at the rate of 22% and chemical and related products shown the growth of 16.3% during the April-June period.

List of Products Exported from India are below:

  1. Leather Goods
  2. Medical Appliances and Its Accessories
  3. Frozen Meat
  4. Apparels
  5. Cement Products
  6. Aircraft and Automobile products
  7. Handicrafts
  8. Agricultural Products
  9. Electronic Goods
  10. Cereals and Pulses
  11. Pharmaceuticals and Miscellaneous Medicines
  12. Indian Machinery Goods

List of Products Imported from India are below:

  1. Chemical fertilizers
  2. Cashew Nuts
  3. Edible oils
  4. Food grains
  5. Iron and Steel
  6. Machinery
  7. Medicines
  8. Non-ferrous Metals
  9. Petrol and Petroleum Products
  10. Paper
  11. Precious Stones
  12. Plastic
  13. Transport Equipment
  14. Wool