Anitha Ayyagari


My child always talks about skillpundit and the contests he is doing, he is getting on really well. I am so pleased with how my child has progressed thank you.

Sivaram Chakradhar Gontina


Impressed and valuable learning methods, finally I would like to thank all the team of skillpundit.

Ramachandra Murthy


My child enjoys learning new topics and going on exciting contests, My experience about this skillpundit website is pretty good. As a parent I have found many important topics about india and world, particularly it is very useful, user friendlywebsite and approachable.

Satyavathi Devi Golagabattula


I love this skillpundit, keep it up, good contests - you guys are so welcoming

Harini Manchala


My Daughter has loads of confidence and is always happy to join contests.It helps my child so much with her speech.

Kavitha Palisetty


My Child confidence has improved so much and that is all because of the skillpundit. I am very happy with the skillpundit online portal.

Gopal Krishna Medisetty


My child receives appropriate knowledge for their age, skillpundit is awesome.

Lavanya Koppella


Very good website for our children.Thank you to all of the Parents and Carers who improved their children knowledge.