Mangal Pandey

Mangal Pandey

19 July 1827
8 April 1857

Mangal Pandey is said to have played a key role in inspiring Indian soldiers to start the great rebellion of 1857. Working as a soldier for the British East India Company, Pandey started firing at English officials and caught them unawares. His attack is regarded as the first step of the Indian rebellion that started in 1857. He was a sepoy in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry regiment of the British East India Company.

While contemporary British opinion denounced him as a traitor and mutineer, Pandey is widely regarded as a hero in modern India. In 1984, the Indian government issued a postage stamp in commemorate him. His life and actions have also a been portrayed into several cinematic productions and books.

On March 21, 1857, Mangal Pandey opened the first shot against the British in Barrackpore. Then they were twenty-six years old and two days nine days old. In the history of Indian Freedom Struggle, the first shot was shot against the British. This was the beginning of the revolution.

Mangal Pandey was against carbide containing fat. They knew well that the British officers used to discriminate between Hindu soldiers and British soldiers. Being disturbed by all these, they took the lead in fighting the British officers. He sparked the spark of independence in India, which later took on a terrible form. And finally, losing the Indians, the British had to leave India.