Red Fort

Red Fort

Shah Jahan
1639 - 1648
Delhi, India.

This monument holds utmost importance in Modern Indian History. It is built of Red Sandstone alone. This Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan- the fifth emperor of Mughal dynasty. Located in central Delhi it was where the Mughal emperors lived for many decades. Red Fort was a magnificent castle encrusted with precious jewels

Since Delhi was the capital of India until the British men shifted it, Red Fort was the control place for the entire nation. Built on the banks of Yamuna River, the walls of this grandeur fort have been built from 30 meters high Sandstone. It is believed that Red Fort was made after 9 years of hard work of innumerable masons for day and night during all seasons.

The Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag here on Red Fort on every Independence Day and addresses to the nation from its rampart.

The entrance of the Gate opens on to the Chalta Chowk, a long covered bazar of Delhi's most skilful jewellers, carpet makers, weavers and goldsmiths. This bazaar is also known as Meena Bazar.

Just beyond the Chalta Chowk, is the heart of the fort called Naubat Khana or the Drum Room from whose musicians used to play music to welcome the Emperor.

The fort has two audience chambers-the Diwan-i-am and the Diwan-i-Khas. The first is built of red sandstone and is set atop an impressive plinth. It was for the public audiences with the rulers. The second (Diwan-i-khas) was for private audiences.